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Economic sustainability
For us at Geoprospectors, sustainability is not just a word, it is a commitment that we live by. We are convinced that our success should not only be measured by our financial performance, but also by our contribution to the well-being of our environment and society. For this reason, we would like to introduce you to our sustainability criteria - a collection of principles and measures that form the core of our corporate philosophy. Dive in and discover how we are actively working towards a better future and how every step, no matter how small, is aimed at bringing about positive change.


Geoprospectors produces soil data to reduce soil degradation. 70 % of global water consumption is used for irrigation in agriculture and turf. Geoprospectors' soil data helps to minimise water consumption in agriculture and turf sports.

The use of TSM and TGM minimize resource consumption such as water, energy, and working materials during operation.  This also leads to healthier soil parameters and a sustainable soil management.

By using Geoprospectors tools and knowing the soil properties, 20% less fertilizer and 30% less water will be used, this also leads to a reduction of emissions of about 25 % due to less separated working steps. 

We act sustainably not only with our products, but also in our thinking. Two thirds (66 %) of our company vehicles have already been converted to electric vehicles and the roof of our office building is fitted with solar panels.


GPO people are an essential resource. The Company is committed to enhancing the satisfaction, sense of belonging and equality.

50 % women in management, women in technical professions and equal pay for all are lived practice for us. We are not only internationally active, but we also live it. With employees from currently four nations, we speak seven languages.

Geoprospectors is also proud supporter of the local Baseball team. But we don't just support them with a sponsorship, we also provide them with our expertise and tools to make their playing field more sustainable and save costs.


Transparency to our Shareholders also means a quarterly reporting package.

It goes without saying that Geoprospectors is committed to complying with all regulations and standards in environmental protection, labor law and business ethics. 

Our supply chains are managed responsibly and the manufacturing of components is regularly audited.

Let's make the world greener!

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