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Founded in 2014
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Leading provider of soil measurement

Geoprospectors is a leading provider of soil measurement technology in the field of precision farming and subsurface engineering. Our innovative solutions use only non-invasive geophysical technologies, including electromagnetic induction, ground penetrating radar, electrical, and ground resistance measurements to provide valuable information about various subsurface resources.

Specialists from different fields

The core team of Geoprospectors includes specialists from the fields of geophysics, agricultural engineering, metrology and electrical engineering. Since the company's foundation in 2014, we have been collaborating to develop robust and motorized measurement systems that are used to more accurately detect and evaluate various soil structures. Our challenge is to make geophysical measurement technology accessible and available to our customers with different requirements and applications.
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Our selected resellers provide a well-established worldwide sales and service network.

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We are constantly growing our team.
You can find the details of our job vacancies in the career section.
We look forward to meeting you.

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