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Soil moisture mapping

is crucial for golf courses, soccer fields, etc. to provide optimal playing conditions, maintain healthy turf, conserve water and resources, reduce costs, and fulfill environmental and safety obligations.
It enables sports field managers to make informed decisions concerning irrigation application and turf maintenance, ultimately enhancing the overall sports experience for players and minimizing the environmental footprint of the course.
Since soil profiles can have significant spatial variability in terms of moisture content, single point measurements can provide information only about a specific location where the measurement is taken and may not represent the overall moisture conditions across the entire course. 

Areal soil moisture measurements

offer a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of soil moisture distribution.

The TurfGrassMapper is a versatile and valuable tool for mapping soil moisture due to its non-invasiveness, rapid data collection, high spatial resolution, depth profiling capability, adaptability to different soil types, and ability to provide quantitative data. It empowers sport ground managers to make informed irrigation decisions, conserve resources, maintain turf health, and enhance the overall sporting experience for players.

TurfGrassMapper Main Features:

Rapid data collection
High spatial resolution
Depth profiling
Historical data comparison
Versatility in soil types
Quantitative data
Spatial coverage
Drought management

TurfGrassMapper Advantages:

Moisture measurement on-the-go
Contactless soil analysis
Optimizing irrigation management
Quantifying physical soil properties
Creation of soil zone maps
Understanding in-turf variabilities
Rapid data collection
High spatial resolution
Sustainable turfgrass management

The TurfGrassMapper

is providing a holistic view of moisture levels, thus reducing the potential for over-irrigation and related environmental issues like water runoff and groundwater depletion.
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Further applications:

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