Fruit growing and viniculture
Enhancing quality

Optimized cultivation practices in precision viniculture

The implementation of precision viniculture requires a precise knowledge of the differences in chemical, physical and profile-related soil properties. Geophysical investigations improve the profitability of orchards and vineyards and subsequently the fruit quality. Cultivation practices are designed to make the most of different soil variations.

Upstream, geophysics can be used in prospecting and site selection for orchards and vineyards. Many commercial orchard and vineyard growers have experienced losses of fruit and/or fruit quality due to previously undetected soil variations.

Soil surveys and geological mapping

Soil properties affect fruit and grape quality. Growers are often misled by laboratory analyses to believe that potassium levels in their soils are low, while petiole analysis at the same site often reveals elevated potassium levels in plant tissue.

Conductivity measurements can be used to determine soil properties such as the clay and sand content as well as the moisture content of the soil, even in deeper soil horizons. Summarized in geological maps, this data can provide valuable information for the time- and resource-saving planting and management of vineyards.

Plant-available water and suitable site analyses can be quantified using our geophysical measurement methods. We support wine and fruit growing companies in the selection as well as the implementation of suitable systems. With our solutions, wine and fruit grower has a solid planning basis for the application and layout of the vineyards and orchards.


Planning basis for the establishment of vineyards and orchards
Decision support for site selection
Mapping structural differences
Promotion of plant growth
Optimization of the operating resources
Sustainable resource management
Quality improvement without additional effort

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