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Airborne geophysical exploration

Our specialized sensor solutions are tailored to the different requirements of our customers.

THE GOAL -  To equip specialized aircraft with turnkey aerial solutions and the latest and most precise sensor technology to enable aerial geophysical surveys of geological structures in inaccessible and remote areas.
Exploration of oil, gas and rock deposits
Environmental monitoring
Mapping of geological structures and non-magnetic lithologies, estimation of unit thickness and depth of continuity
Monitoring of pipeline and subsurface infrastructure
Differentiation between cultural and small geological sources such as kimberlites
Nuclear deposition and hazard identification

Cooperation with Diamond Aircraft

The measurement systems we develop are a perfect fit for your overall system requirements. During development, we draw on many years of experience and a wide range of sensors in different application scenarios.

Our cooperation with Diamond Aircraft is based on a common goal: to provide the customer with the highest product quality by combining both many years of experience and know-how in the development and assembly of special mission aircraft and high-tech sensor technology.

Special Mission Aircraft

The DA42 MPP Terrastar is the world's first aircraft with a turnkey sensor platform that includes both radiation detection and magnetometer sensors. With the sensor systems developed by Geoprospectors, radiation and magnetic monitoring can be performed in a single flight, saving time and money.

For more information on special mission aircraft, please contact our aviation partner Diamond Aircraft.
"All integrated sensors, in combination with the composite aircraft design, provide ideal measurement results of the highest quality. The unique and simple operation is an additional advantage for a possible single pilot operation."
DI Michael Pregesbauer,
Managing Director, Geoprospectors GmbH

DA42 MPP Terrastar - the advantages at a glance

Turnkey solution for monitoring VLF, radiation and magnetic fields - easy operation
Easily combined with other sensor systems for extended application possibilities
More cost-efficient than similar solutions
Ideal signal-to-noise ratio due to the low interference rate of the aircraft composite design
Highly sensitive state-of-the-art detectors - according to the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)
Advanced data analysis and processing
Fast coverage of large areas (> 1,000 line kilometers per flight)
Long mission duration (8 hours) and maintenance intervals (100 hours)
Worldwide operational capability due to multiple certified jet fuel engines (Jet-A, Jet-A1, TS-1, RT, JP-8 and No. 3 jet fuel)

DA42 MPP Terrastar - Sensor Components

VLF Sensor (Low Frequency)
Magnetic sensor electronics
Magnetic sensor head
Gamma Ray Detector (autonomously working spectrometer with 4 liter or 8 liter crystal)
Gravitation on demand

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Further applications:

Hydraulic engineering
Turf sports
Fruit growingand viniculture
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