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Geophysical technologies for agriculture

The use of geophysical measurement systems is one of the key factors in precision agriculture when it comes to understanding soil mechanics and sustainable soil management. Farmland management takes into account differences in soil as well as varying yield capabilities within a field.

Recording soil inhomogeneity over large areas

With the Topsoil Mapper, agronomists can themselves record soil inhomogeneity over a large area and map soil parameters such as soil type, water saturation and compaction, across the entire field. Subsequently, these soil parameters can be used in real time for variable machine control.

Know your soil

The Topsoil Mapper records the soil zones at four depths, the conductivity, the relative water content and the soil type in a contactless and motorized manner in operational agricultural use.
The data is processed in the TSM Client Cloud immediately after the analysis and the farmer receives the report with the recorded data by email while still on the field.
Soil Mapper on a Car

Weather and vegetation independent

The Topsoil Mapper can be used on all agricultural soils, regardless of weather and vegetation. It can be used on every working run and with any implement.

Topsoil Mapper - the options

In order to provide the right offer for every user, the Topsoil Mapper is available with three different options:


the Topsoil Mapper for single users with local data processing


the Topsoil Mapper for professional agronomists with cloud-based data processing

TSM as a Service

the all-in solution for all users, without hardware costs
Topsoil Mapper options in detail
Soil Mapper

The advantages of a Topsoil Mapper at a glance:

Autonomous mapping of soil parameters: compaction, relative water content, soil type
Continuous improvement of the soil structure
Improved working speed during soil cultivation
Site-specific execution of agricultural operations (tillage, seeding, fertilization)
User friendly - easy setup and configuration
Light and easy to transport
No soil contact required
Fast and flexible installation on almost any vehicle
Data available 24/7 in the personalized TSM Client Cloud
ISOBUS certified
Sustainable soil protection and high working efficiency
For more information about the product and the application possibilities:
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What exactly can be recorded with the Topsoil Mapper?
The TSM is primarily used to record the depth (cm/inch) of the soil density layer or the depth of soil horizons, the relative water content (%) and the texture (in soil classes). Additionally, the classic conductivity mapping (ECa or ECt, apparent or true conductivity) can be output in 4 cumulative depths.
Up to which soil depth can data be collected with the Topsoil Mapper?
The maximum acquisition depth is 1.1 m.
Are there any limitations concerning the speed?
No, speeds up to 50 km/h or 31 mph are possible without the quality of the data suffering.
Is there an optimum ground clearance?
We recommend a ground clearance of up to 30 cm / 11.8 inch. If circumstances require a higher mounting, a ground distance of up to 45 cm / 17,7 inch is possible. 

How often is the calibration done?
Calibration is performed once at the factory. No further calibration is required by the user.

How is the data presented/forwarded?
The collected data is automatically processed in the TSM Client Cloud and provided to the farmer as a report.

What is the difference compared to other commercially available conductivity meters?
The physical measuring principle of the Topsoil Mapper is electrical conductivity. Compared to conventional systems there are the following differences:
the TSM is a multi-coil system: 1 transmitting coil Tx with 4 receiving coils Rx
the TSM records soil parameters without touching the ground during a working cycle
the TSM is online-capable - i.e. soil parameters are immediately output and can be used for machine control.

What is the added value for the farmer?
The fast and large-scale acquisition of soil data can be carried out regardless of weather conditions and vegetation. The data processing is automated and serves the farmer as a basis for sustainable soil management.
The evaluated soil maps can be used as a basis for further application maps, such as seeding, fertilization, plant protection, etc.

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Further applications:

Hydraulic engineering
Turf sports
Fruit growingand viniculture
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